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  • Liaoyang Tianhua Chemical Co.,Ltd. englishchinese
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    Adipic acid
    Nylon acid
    Dimethyl adipate
    Ethylene glycol
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    Liaoyang Tianhua Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in Liaoyang and gets product source advantages, and enjoys excellent environment and convenient transportation.

    Our products include adipic acid, cyclohexane, 1,6-Hexanediol, nylon acid and others.

    The company insists on credit operation, and takes product quality as our life and widely cooperates with domestic and external customers to search development.

    We insist on market economy as guide, and guide sales and trade by modern sales philosophy. For years, trade enterprises will constantly go into market and modernization. We still get very rich business intension to make our business enter northeast market.

    The company is strengthening technology development ability, and actively makes foreign cooperation and communication to speed up construction step. We gradually realize industrial structure and core competitiveness, and make great contribution for China.

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    Tel: +86-13604994257         Fax: +86-419-5319348           E-mail: cn@lythchem.com
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